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PH Adjust

Категория продукта PH Adjust, мы специализированные производители из Китая, Swimming Pool Ph Adjust, Liquid Algicide For Swimming Pool поставщики / фабрики, оптовые продажи высокого качества продукты Swimming Pool Ph Minus R & D и производство, мы имеем совершенный послепродажное обслуживание и техническую поддержку. Посмотрите вперед к вашему сотрудничеству!
регулируя рН минус вода
дезинфектант белого кристаллического Бисульфита натрия
Но. : 7778-54-3 Очищенность : 98%,96% Термины Компенсации&Перевозкы Груза: Количество Минимального Заказа: 0.025 Кг Упаковывая детали : полиэтиленовый пакет 25kg с innver мешок/5 кг пластиковый барабан с innver сумка Срок поставки : в течение 10...
Карбонат натрия очистки воды
Химическое Название: Карбонат Натрия CAS никакой.: 497-19-8 С. Н. Код: 28362000 Молекулярная Формула : Na2со3 Молекулярный Вес: 105.99 Возникновение: белые кристаллический сила или зерно Упаковка: света: 40кг/мешок, 50кг/мешок, 750кг/мешок густой:...
Китай PH Adjust Поставщики

Sodium Carbonate 


Appearance: Fine Powder

Ingredient: Na2CO3: 99.2%min

Raises the pH of pool water
Prevents excessive chlorine usage
Reduces or eliminates chlorine odors
Prevents corrosion of equipment and metal fittings


Sodium Carbonate is a sodium salt of carbonic acid and occurs naturally in the burnt ashes if many plants. Sodium Carbonate is a strong alkali and forms a strong alkali solution when dissolved in water, this makes it very useful in industry and is used for many industrial processes today. Sodium Carbonate is commonly known as Soda Ash, Washing Soda or Soda Crystals.

Sodium Carbonate is a white crystalline powder at room temperature; its melts at 851 C and boils at 1633 C. Sodium Carbonate is odourless and dissolves in water at a rate of 215g/Litre. It remains stable under normal storage conditions and is generally safe to use. Sodium Carbonate (anhydrous) has a density of 2.54 g/cm3 and has a molar mass of 105.98.

It can also be used to raise the pH level of the pool water to the ideal range of 7.2-7.6 ppm. Slows the rapid loss of chlorine caused by low pH, and slows chlorine dissipation. Stops eye irritation, etching and corrosion caused by low pH.

PH AdjustPH Adjust

PH AdjustPH Adjust

Sodium Bisulphate 

Synonym: Dry Acid, pH Decreaser, pH-,pH Minus

Appearance: Fine Powder

Ingredient: NaHSO4: 93%min

Quickly dissolves for immediate use
Lowers the pH of pool water
Prevents excessive chlorine usage
Reduces or eliminates chlorine odors


Sodium bisulfate is used primarily to lower pH. For technical-grade applications, it is used in metal finishing, cleaning products, and to lower the pH of water for effective chlorination, including swimming pools. Sodium bisulfate is also AAFCO approved as a general-use feed additive, including companion animal food. It is used as a urine acidifier to reduce urinary stones in cats.

Sodium bisulfate, also known as sodium hydrogen sulfate is the sodium salt of the bisulfate anion, with the molecular formula NaHSO4. Sodium bisulfate is an acid salt formed by partial neutralization of sulfuric acid by an equivalent of sodium, typically either in the form of sodium hydroxide or sodium chloride. It is a dry granular product that can be safely shipped and stored. The anhydrous form is hygroscopic. Solutions of sodium bisulfate are acidic, with a 1M solution having a pH of < 1.


In jewelry making, sodium bisulfate is the primary ingredient used in many pickling solutions to remove the oxidation layer from surfaces, which occurs after heating.

It is highly toxic to at least some echinoderms, but fairly harmless to most other life forms; sodium bisulfate is used in controlling outbreaks of crown-of-thorns starfish.

PH AdjustPH Adjust

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